Monday, December 27, 2010

Shopping worth Blogging for...

I haven't blogged in a month...I haven't done anything worth while to blog about...and then I think you don't have to do exciting things to blog about stuff...and then I think nobody reads my blog anyway so I should delete it...and then I think maybe there is an off chance somebody actually does...but then I think I'm not a mom I don't have a family why blog?...So then I'll try and use my blog to be crafty and share my ideas...and then I realize I am NOT crafty!!...And then I actually blog....So here is my not so family oriented sucky at crafts blog.

So for the past month this is what I have been doing...working...hanging out with Cody...working...hanging out with friends...working...hanging out with Cody...some family time (maybe)...working...and shopping...I LOVE shopping in fact I just got a great idea...this blog is now dedicated to shopping!! oh my this is a test. I have to actually have motivation! So if anybody out there actually reads this and maybe just maybe thinks this will be cool PLEASE let me know, I need to know blogging is worth my while.

Deals I have come across in the past week...

Victoria Secret--- Body 7 for 35$...and if you buy 7 they throw in the 8th for free! So technically its 8 for 35$ which is a great deal because body by victoria secret runs from 8$ a bottle to 15$ depending...and this includes EVERYTHING...Lotion, Body Butter, Shower Gel..ect..
And of course they have select PINK items on Clearance 30-50% off...the always favorite PINK panties 5 for 25$ and PINK bras 2 for 32$ :)

Charlotte Russe---BIG BLOWOUT SALE! Almost and practically everything is 5$ 10$ or 15$!! and believe me when I say everything I meant everything! Jeans from 10-20$ Jackets 10$ Sweaters 10$ Accessories 5$ Every shoe in the store including boots 20$ and flats 10$ Panties 5 for 10$ and bras 5$ a piece!! ( I got some very cute personables and my total came to 16!) Dresses 15$ and you can't get enough of there wall of deals get anything from 1$-20$

Areopostal---T shirt RIOT! EVERY tee shirt 5$! Thats such a great deal!! Select jeans 15$ All guys hoodies 20$ (I got Cody a really nice warm jacket from here for christmas for 50% off!!) Guys polos 15$

Thats mostly where I have doing my shopping but I will look around now for more great deals now! :) xoxox

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I decided I am starting DIY projects...and since Christmas is around the corner what perfect gifts!! :) I am really excited and open for many ideas...I will blog how to's while making them...My first project is picture frames for a family party :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Throw in some Taylor Swift

Having a bad day?! Throw in some Taylor Swift! She is the perfect go to girl for bad days and even good days...when you're in a certain mood she can pick ya up! Sing your heart out and blare the music really really doesn't matter which song every one she sings tell you a different message and will help with a different problem.

I am not one who hates Taylor Swift, I actually really love her music! found it very helpful, she is talking to YOU in her good girl gets the bad boy every story has a happy ending songs. However, I want to say that Taylor Swift can only help so much...eventually your going to have to turn off the radio and follow YOUR OWN heart, not the one Taylor Swift wants you to have. Her music is like a movie you listen to it and thats the way you want to live your life.

BUT...after having a few bad days recently I found Taylor Swift to be a little to much. I needed to realize what is good for me...turn off the radio and do what I feel like I need to do, not follow a girl who probably really hasn't had an actual teenage anything...( I mean do you walk the red carpets? How would she know?)

I am strong. I didn't need Taylor Swift to tell me how to become this way I decided to become this wayy on my own! Because I turned off the radio and listened to my own heart and followed my own dream.

ps...I still listen to her music I just have a different view on it. haha :)


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The grocery list.

There is always a grocery list on our counter in the house. At the beginning of the week my mom will write one or two things that we need on a post it and stick to the counter, as the week goes by the list will slowly get added onto. This weeks list my dad started and it had all the basic stuff HE needed...I.E. shaving cream, shampoo, razors ect...Sooo I decided I wanted to add a couple things to the list that I needed, or wanted. I added chocolate milk sauce (because I was craving it!)

TODAY- My mom and my grandma and I went to the store to do all the grocery shopping and my mom pulls out the list and asks "Kaylee did you cross off your chocolate milk mix." Me- "NO" Mom- "then your dad must of done it." Me-"WHAT, no we still have to get that!" Mom- shows me the list. Sure enough my chocolate milk sauce is crossed off!!

My dad can write out a list a mile long of everything HE needs but I write ONE measly little thing and it get CROSSED off!!! How fair is that!! Needless to say, I got the chocolate milk sauce, and my dad didn't even notice. :) hehe


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

White Wonderland

Woke up this morning to a wonderland of white! SNOW everywhere!! haha! I am not one who usually likes the snow...however this morning it was sort of peaceful and beautiful! I know that as winter gets worse and keeps coming I will eventually hate the snow but lets take a moment and enjoy it today!! :) Outside my front door!

My pumpkins all covered in snow!
Rusty, he hates going outside in the snow :(


I am the worlds worst blogger. I have said this before!! So I am so very sorry for the horrid updating...let me just give you a quick run of whats been going on...

#1-I moved home from St.George. ( for a bunch of reason despite what some people might think)

#2-As most of you have already seen, my grandpa Gourley passed away a couple weeks ago. That has been taking up most of my time, spending it with my grandma and helping her when needed.

#3- I have a new job, its the same job that I had over the summer, its just recent. :) I missed it actually I really enjoy working there!!

These things have made me a very busy person and not to mention I am lazy so sitting down for a certain amount of time to blog about mundane activities of my life seemed pointless at the moment. I will start to blog again!! I miss it! :)

see ya all laterzz for now

Friday, October 22, 2010


Grandpa Gourley....

gone fishin


we will never forget you!

love you always!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bad Blogger

I realize I have been a bad blogger lately and I feel really bad about that. :( I am sorry to anybody who reads my blog. The past couple weeks have been really crazy...I recently just moved home from St.George..sadly I had to leave. I am glad to be home and close my family and friends but I will always miss my friends down in St.George. I also just celebrated my 20th Birthday!!! WOO!! It was very exciting and fun haha we had a party at my house and yes it got out of control. (who knew!)

Also this past week I went to the Zoo!! With Katie's school and it was soo fun...I love the Zoo and I always have. Even if I am 20 the Zoo will always be my favorite! :)

Its also Halloween time!! :) I have been buying pumpkins like crazy...still deciding what to do with them but whatever it may be its going to be cute!! :) I can't to blog about Halloween costumes and parties!!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pushing Daisies.

If you have talked to me in the past couple days you will know that recently the only thing I seem to be doing is watching the TV show Pushing Daisies. Its a crazy show with quirky humor and of course some forbidden romance and triangles and mystery and always a sort of happy ending. (until the next show when the plot thickens) Its a show about a guy who can bring the dead back to life by touching them but if he touches them twice they go back to being dead forever. Of course there are rules to this...He can touch a person they come back to life, if they stay alive for more than one minute than another person has to die. Basically its like a life for a life type of thing. Ned (the guy who can touch the dead and the main character of the show) uses his "gift" to get the bad guys! He touches murder victims and they explain how they died and who killed them and volla murder solved! Bad guy put in jail! Of course there are other plots and twists and turns through out the show but the main one which is still a problem and sadly probably wont be figured out because the show was cancelled and there are only two seasons :( Ned, was about to touch a girl who had been murdered when he saw who it was he touched her and didn't touch her again so there for somebody had to die in her place...She was Chuck, Ned's childhood sweetheart. Though out the show they fall in love again but the tragic part...they can't touch or else Chuck will die again. I am sad that I will never get to see if Ned and Chuck will ever really last or if he touches her again or what happens because I am almost finished with season two and its not ending well its just sort of leaving you with a lot of un answered questions and a mysterious man who is after Chucks fathers pocket watch, for which I have no idea.

I am sorry for blabbing about this show but it has been fascinating me for days now and I just wanted to share it with you!!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Days of Fall..

Living down in St.George I haven't really noticed that it is fall yet, but traveling up north and actually feeling it for myself made me realize that it is FALL!! I LOVE FALL!!! My mom said that the reason why fall is my favorite is because its my birthday season..and she isn't wrong but I think I would like it anyways...
I love the way fall smells. My favorite smell of fall is pumpkin anything haha :)
I love the crunchy leafs falling and changing colors..
I love bright fall sunflowers.
I love football.
I love wearing cute sweaters and hats.
I love pink cheeks.
I love hot chocolate.
I love Halloween and dressing up.
I love Thanksgiving and family gatherings.

I think that everything is more beautiful in the Fall and people are getting excited because the big holidays are just around the corner and another year has gone by...Summer its been a good one but Hello Fall I can't wait to see what you have in store! :)


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

figured out

one week of school down!! and all of my student loan stuff has been figured out!! about dang time huh?? lol so I now have all my classes and books in order! Go me! :)

It was pretty fun first week...nothing to exciting just getting back into the swing of school and stuff..I came home this weekend and spent all of it with Cody! He makes me melt thats all I gotta sayyy. I am also coming home again for labor day weekend haha for amazing food from my grandma!! DELISH!! I can't wait. and I can't wait to be home again its crazy how much you can miss a place that you swore you hated when you were growing up. Ha wow.

More later on the rest of my week

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I finally made it down to Dixie!! Wooo!!! Its been so long since I have updated my blog. I wanted to wait until I was down here and all moved in before I updated!! OKKAAYY so new news....I have cute new boyfriend!! :) :) his name is Cody and he is cute and I like him a lot...

My bedroom is really awesome this year too! I have a really cool blanket thats bright pink with white polka dots and there is peace sign college above my bed and some new posters!! its cute and I like it!

My roommates are sooo amazing this year! I really lucked out!! We all get along so great and they are funny and super nice! We can't wait to decorate our living room its going to be soooo cute this year! :)

School...I so far like my classes but stupid financial aid is being sooo slow and so I can only buy half my books :( sooo hopefully I will be able to keep up until I get money!! And the Internet is so iffy at my apartment so I have been having issues with it and the ink in my printer went out soooooo this week has been nutso with computer crap ughhh!!! hopefully next week things will calm down!

Thats just a quick update for now more and more later...

Monday, August 2, 2010

golf clubs and dads!

Sooo like I said before...It has been a long while since I have golfed and I have been hitting range..well yesterday my dad called me and asked if I wanted to golf with him so I said yes because even tho I kinda hate golf..I just kinda love golfing with my dad. haha :) He is fun! and Yesterday he was hilarious! We had to WAIT for like a half an hour to even tee off because there were REALLY REALLY slow people in front of us..but once we got going they let us pass through and then they got in trouble for being so slow and had to leave. ...I was just about to tee off on number 7 and I heard my dad chuckle and I looked behind me and there was the player assistant driving like a bat outta hell towards to the slooowwww people..and she had an evil look on her face she was pissed. haha :) here is a dad said this is the face he makes when he has to wait to play golf!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bee's take 2

Time again for the Bee's game!! :) gotta love those Bee's I got tickets again from work and guess what?!? THEY WON THIS TIME!! haha It was a pretty good game! The other teams manager got thrown out and there was big fight between him and the ump! It was funny...the music that played while they were fighting..."Hit the Road Jack" The entire stadium was singing along and "BOOing" We were being really sincere about it tho. It was again Katie, Chris, me person..PJ! He totally made the night! We had a minor mishap with the fourth person and PJ happened to be there at the right time! :) He had never been to a Bee's game before and the ticket guy asked him how he got to be with all the cute girls he was with...he said it musta been his money cuz it sure wasn't his looks!!! PJ felt so bad after that guy said that to him! So we had to make sure he knew he was beautiful! Ha ha it was awesome!!! :) Good game..good company!! Thank you much work!! (Jacob)
also ps...Went and hit range at Overlake yesterday!! I haven't hit a golf club in a REALLY long time and sure showed!! I need to go again because I do miss it...but then I gave up and decided I didn't miss it. ha ha ha

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The 24th

God love the 24th of July...well actually just utah love the 24th of July. :) Happy Pioneer day Utah..woo! HA! Woke up in the morning at watched to parade on tv, saw the Tooele band! And was pretty greatful not to be marching in all the sick heat! haha Then I ran some errands around town and came home and took a nice long nap cuz I had a late night...woke up and it was BBQ time!! Whats a celebration without a BBQ!?! And it was pretty great! Went over to the twins house and ate some really good food and drank some really good drinks and watched some pretty fun fireworks haha (as good as it gets for Utah fireworks LAME) and just hung out! :) It was a fun day! And I get Monday off work! NICE haha should be a fun I just have to start getting ready to move back down to St. George. (CAN'T WAIT!!)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Blog

I deleted my old blog and got a new one because I was having problems with it so I am testing this out to see if my problems go away...I don't know what happened but I just got frustrated and finally got to the point where I deleted it. I was just going to leave it deleted and not make a new one but I decided that I really do enjoy blogging even if I blog about lame stuff...But its a good way to keep my family informed and my friends updated. :) Soooo if you were a follower of my old blog please follow this one now! Sorry for the inconvenience