Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal...FANS!!

I loved the wedding and I loved the dress and the fact that its a big fairytale minus the singing and dancing...but I must say my most favorite part of the whollleeee shindig was the crazy fans!!! *love the lone guy sitting on the grass drinking champain and eating strawberries (top right corner)

*the old guy sleeping holding a sign that reads congrats william and kate (middle left side)

*the two "brides" with signs on their backs that say "It should have been me" (middle right side)

*the soldiers playing scrabble while the tv is on the wedding in the background! (bottom middle)

*and of course Time Square at 2 am (bottom right corner)

favorite things list week 2

Lovin me some Pandora radio..its free and its online and they play WHATEVER you gets me trough my day at work. Thank you Pandora for free radio!

Twitter is where it is at right now! Catch up on the latest gossip and read what all the celebs are doing down to their laundry haha :) while your at it Follow me!! @KayleeBankhead!!

Kate Middleton...PLEASE who ISN'T loving this girl right now! She is beautiful and her style is to die for!!!! Sign me up to be the next princess!! She is living every girls dream!!! :) GO KATE!

Mint nail polish! Its sooo pretty!! and it doesn't have to be a certain mint color it ranges from more lime to more white, any mint is an instant classic.

Sundresses and cowboy boots is sooo cute for spring and of course Taylor Swift has been pulling this look off has just recently started to get popular and its worth a try anybody can pull this look off with the right pair of boots!! :)

Country Chic sent from Bath and Body Works is one of my new favorites! Its their new sent and it smells soooo good!! I can't stop putting it on!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

braided scarf

for some reason it wasn't letting me put a picture in that last post..but here is how my hair turned out with the scarf.

Charming Scarf Braid

I came across this video on youtube yesterday and I wanted to try it. So today...when I woke up and didn't feel like washing my hair I decided to braid my hair with a scarf. :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New style I'm loving!

I am love love loving the high messy bun!! Its so cute and easy to do on running late days or the in between hair wash days...

mix it with an over sized plaid button shirt and jeans and presto! You have a cute new look! :)

this is the picture that made me want to try the hairstyle.

cute plaid shirt....

the turn out! Because I didn't use any jewelry with this outfit I decided to focus on playing up my eyes with a little blue eyeliner and lots of mascara.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a few of my favorite things...

I have a favorite things list for this week. first lets start the day off right (or night) with my favorite face wash!!

neutrogena exfoliating grapefruit! It makes you face feel so fresh and smells really good!
next love your lips... It leaves a cooling sensation making your lips feel awesome! its also spf :)

go green..and pink that is... this mascara makes my eyelashes look almost fake! and it doesn't hurt that its one of the cheapest mascaras out there.

feel and smell like your in paradise...the new bath and body works fragrance Bali Mango smells oh so yummy!!

chuncky new favorite thing to tie any outfit together!

kick it up a notch! Plaid kicks...match any color or just wear white and have your shoes rock it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Diet day whatever....

UGH that was short lived...haha I don't care...I decided that I should love me for me and not want to diet just to look skinnier...ugh I hate those girls and here I was becoming one of them!! AND YOU GUYS LET ME! haha jk its not a big deal. I have never eaten out of control or chose the wrong things...I work out when I want to, and I don't care. I eat what I want when I want and I don't care! I will never be a size 2 WHO CARES...Hell I'll probably never even be a size 5 WHO GIVES A SHIT! I love me for me and nothing can of the things that I've always admired about myself is that I have always been really confident with the body god gave me and instead of trying to change it I just need to work it!!! HELL YA!!