Sunday, November 14, 2010

Throw in some Taylor Swift

Having a bad day?! Throw in some Taylor Swift! She is the perfect go to girl for bad days and even good days...when you're in a certain mood she can pick ya up! Sing your heart out and blare the music really really doesn't matter which song every one she sings tell you a different message and will help with a different problem.

I am not one who hates Taylor Swift, I actually really love her music! found it very helpful, she is talking to YOU in her good girl gets the bad boy every story has a happy ending songs. However, I want to say that Taylor Swift can only help so much...eventually your going to have to turn off the radio and follow YOUR OWN heart, not the one Taylor Swift wants you to have. Her music is like a movie you listen to it and thats the way you want to live your life.

BUT...after having a few bad days recently I found Taylor Swift to be a little to much. I needed to realize what is good for me...turn off the radio and do what I feel like I need to do, not follow a girl who probably really hasn't had an actual teenage anything...( I mean do you walk the red carpets? How would she know?)

I am strong. I didn't need Taylor Swift to tell me how to become this way I decided to become this wayy on my own! Because I turned off the radio and listened to my own heart and followed my own dream.

ps...I still listen to her music I just have a different view on it. haha :)


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The grocery list.

There is always a grocery list on our counter in the house. At the beginning of the week my mom will write one or two things that we need on a post it and stick to the counter, as the week goes by the list will slowly get added onto. This weeks list my dad started and it had all the basic stuff HE needed...I.E. shaving cream, shampoo, razors ect...Sooo I decided I wanted to add a couple things to the list that I needed, or wanted. I added chocolate milk sauce (because I was craving it!)

TODAY- My mom and my grandma and I went to the store to do all the grocery shopping and my mom pulls out the list and asks "Kaylee did you cross off your chocolate milk mix." Me- "NO" Mom- "then your dad must of done it." Me-"WHAT, no we still have to get that!" Mom- shows me the list. Sure enough my chocolate milk sauce is crossed off!!

My dad can write out a list a mile long of everything HE needs but I write ONE measly little thing and it get CROSSED off!!! How fair is that!! Needless to say, I got the chocolate milk sauce, and my dad didn't even notice. :) hehe


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

White Wonderland

Woke up this morning to a wonderland of white! SNOW everywhere!! haha! I am not one who usually likes the snow...however this morning it was sort of peaceful and beautiful! I know that as winter gets worse and keeps coming I will eventually hate the snow but lets take a moment and enjoy it today!! :) Outside my front door!

My pumpkins all covered in snow!
Rusty, he hates going outside in the snow :(


I am the worlds worst blogger. I have said this before!! So I am so very sorry for the horrid updating...let me just give you a quick run of whats been going on...

#1-I moved home from St.George. ( for a bunch of reason despite what some people might think)

#2-As most of you have already seen, my grandpa Gourley passed away a couple weeks ago. That has been taking up most of my time, spending it with my grandma and helping her when needed.

#3- I have a new job, its the same job that I had over the summer, its just recent. :) I missed it actually I really enjoy working there!!

These things have made me a very busy person and not to mention I am lazy so sitting down for a certain amount of time to blog about mundane activities of my life seemed pointless at the moment. I will start to blog again!! I miss it! :)

see ya all laterzz for now