Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bee's take 2

Time again for the Bee's game!! :) gotta love those Bee's I got tickets again from work and guess what?!? THEY WON THIS TIME!! haha It was a pretty good game! The other teams manager got thrown out and there was big fight between him and the ump! It was funny...the music that played while they were fighting..."Hit the Road Jack" The entire stadium was singing along and "BOOing" We were being really sincere about it tho. It was again Katie, Chris, me person..PJ! He totally made the night! We had a minor mishap with the fourth person and PJ happened to be there at the right time! :) He had never been to a Bee's game before and the ticket guy asked him how he got to be with all the cute girls he was with...he said it musta been his money cuz it sure wasn't his looks!!! PJ felt so bad after that guy said that to him! So we had to make sure he knew he was beautiful! Ha ha it was awesome!!! :) Good game..good company!! Thank you much work!! (Jacob)
also ps...Went and hit range at Overlake yesterday!! I haven't hit a golf club in a REALLY long time and sure showed!! I need to go again because I do miss it...but then I gave up and decided I didn't miss it. ha ha ha

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The 24th

God love the 24th of July...well actually just utah love the 24th of July. :) Happy Pioneer day Utah..woo! HA! Woke up in the morning at watched to parade on tv, saw the Tooele band! And was pretty greatful not to be marching in all the sick heat! haha Then I ran some errands around town and came home and took a nice long nap cuz I had a late night...woke up and it was BBQ time!! Whats a celebration without a BBQ!?! And it was pretty great! Went over to the twins house and ate some really good food and drank some really good drinks and watched some pretty fun fireworks haha (as good as it gets for Utah fireworks LAME) and just hung out! :) It was a fun day! And I get Monday off work! NICE haha should be a fun I just have to start getting ready to move back down to St. George. (CAN'T WAIT!!)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Blog

I deleted my old blog and got a new one because I was having problems with it so I am testing this out to see if my problems go away...I don't know what happened but I just got frustrated and finally got to the point where I deleted it. I was just going to leave it deleted and not make a new one but I decided that I really do enjoy blogging even if I blog about lame stuff...But its a good way to keep my family informed and my friends updated. :) Soooo if you were a follower of my old blog please follow this one now! Sorry for the inconvenience