Monday, December 27, 2010

Shopping worth Blogging for...

I haven't blogged in a month...I haven't done anything worth while to blog about...and then I think you don't have to do exciting things to blog about stuff...and then I think nobody reads my blog anyway so I should delete it...and then I think maybe there is an off chance somebody actually does...but then I think I'm not a mom I don't have a family why blog?...So then I'll try and use my blog to be crafty and share my ideas...and then I realize I am NOT crafty!!...And then I actually blog....So here is my not so family oriented sucky at crafts blog.

So for the past month this is what I have been doing...working...hanging out with Cody...working...hanging out with friends...working...hanging out with Cody...some family time (maybe)...working...and shopping...I LOVE shopping in fact I just got a great idea...this blog is now dedicated to shopping!! oh my this is a test. I have to actually have motivation! So if anybody out there actually reads this and maybe just maybe thinks this will be cool PLEASE let me know, I need to know blogging is worth my while.

Deals I have come across in the past week...

Victoria Secret--- Body 7 for 35$...and if you buy 7 they throw in the 8th for free! So technically its 8 for 35$ which is a great deal because body by victoria secret runs from 8$ a bottle to 15$ depending...and this includes EVERYTHING...Lotion, Body Butter, Shower Gel..ect..
And of course they have select PINK items on Clearance 30-50% off...the always favorite PINK panties 5 for 25$ and PINK bras 2 for 32$ :)

Charlotte Russe---BIG BLOWOUT SALE! Almost and practically everything is 5$ 10$ or 15$!! and believe me when I say everything I meant everything! Jeans from 10-20$ Jackets 10$ Sweaters 10$ Accessories 5$ Every shoe in the store including boots 20$ and flats 10$ Panties 5 for 10$ and bras 5$ a piece!! ( I got some very cute personables and my total came to 16!) Dresses 15$ and you can't get enough of there wall of deals get anything from 1$-20$

Areopostal---T shirt RIOT! EVERY tee shirt 5$! Thats such a great deal!! Select jeans 15$ All guys hoodies 20$ (I got Cody a really nice warm jacket from here for christmas for 50% off!!) Guys polos 15$

Thats mostly where I have doing my shopping but I will look around now for more great deals now! :) xoxox

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I decided I am starting DIY projects...and since Christmas is around the corner what perfect gifts!! :) I am really excited and open for many ideas...I will blog how to's while making them...My first project is picture frames for a family party :)