Tuesday, August 31, 2010

figured out

one week of school down!! and all of my student loan stuff has been figured out!! about dang time huh?? lol so I now have all my classes and books in order! Go me! :)

It was pretty fun first week...nothing to exciting just getting back into the swing of school and stuff..I came home this weekend and spent all of it with Cody! He makes me melt thats all I gotta sayyy. I am also coming home again for labor day weekend haha for amazing food from my grandma!! DELISH!! I can't wait. and I can't wait to be home again its crazy how much you can miss a place that you swore you hated when you were growing up. Ha wow.

More later on the rest of my week

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I finally made it down to Dixie!! Wooo!!! Its been so long since I have updated my blog. I wanted to wait until I was down here and all moved in before I updated!! OKKAAYY so new news....I have cute new boyfriend!! :) :) his name is Cody and he is cute and I like him a lot...

My bedroom is really awesome this year too! I have a really cool blanket thats bright pink with white polka dots and there is peace sign college above my bed and some new posters!! its cute and I like it!

My roommates are sooo amazing this year! I really lucked out!! We all get along so great and they are funny and super nice! We can't wait to decorate our living room its going to be soooo cute this year! :)

School...I so far like my classes but stupid financial aid is being sooo slow and so I can only buy half my books :( sooo hopefully I will be able to keep up until I get money!! And the Internet is so iffy at my apartment so I have been having issues with it and the ink in my printer went out soooooo this week has been nutso with computer crap ughhh!!! hopefully next week things will calm down!

Thats just a quick update for now more and more later...

Monday, August 2, 2010

golf clubs and dads!

Sooo like I said before...It has been a long while since I have golfed and I have been hitting range..well yesterday my dad called me and asked if I wanted to golf with him so I said yes because even tho I kinda hate golf..I just kinda love golfing with my dad. haha :) He is fun! and Yesterday he was hilarious! We had to WAIT for like a half an hour to even tee off because there were REALLY REALLY slow people in front of us..but once we got going they let us pass through and then they got in trouble for being so slow and had to leave. ...I was just about to tee off on number 7 and I heard my dad chuckle and I looked behind me and there was the player assistant driving like a bat outta hell towards to the slooowwww people..and she had an evil look on her face she was pissed. haha :) here is a pic..my dad said this is the face he makes when he has to wait to play golf!!