Sunday, January 9, 2011


:) I don't have a whole lot to blog about except that I went shopping on Saturday and there were a view pretty good sales!

First really good one is Bath and Body Works!! :) Its their big YELLOW SALE... Pretty much everything is 75% off that makes almost every bottle 2 dollars!! HOLY COW who doesn't love 2 dollar lotion! :) They also had all their Christmas scents on sale for cheap.

Old Navy was really great they had a lot of clarence items that were 40% off already reduced items...I.E. Long sleeve shirts price reduced to 4.99$ then take 40% off that!! :) and you have 2 dollar shirt that was once at least 16.99$

So my friends time to shop away! :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

positive feed back!

I got positive feed back from my shopping idea... SOOO yay!! :)

All I know as of lately is the Victoria Secret is having their Semi-Annual sale right now...You have to love it!!! :)

PAC SUN Is having a great sale right now for both girls and boys items...14.99-24.99-19.99-29.99

TORRID online exclusive only "Hot Buys" 4.99-9.99-14.99 Now through Sunday January 9Th.

But I can say this...sign up for! Its so great!! They give out all sorts of coupons every single day for all sorts of stuff in your area. I.E. Thursday they did a 2 hour sushi class for half off!! :) and Todays coupon was a 90 minute massage for 49$!! Its a 105$ value.

Also just going to websites of products that you love you can usually print off coupons for money off...Like the other day I was looking at Kotex products and I got a coupon for 1$ off (which you might not think is a lot..however any savings on expensive NECESSARY items is always appreciated!)