Thursday, March 31, 2011

the tan me!

I've been tanning...and it is really paying off!! I am loving how tan I am getting...sadly today was a bad picture day or else i would post a pic. I bought a pass about a week ago, I don't go every day but I try to get in at least 4-5 times a week until I am a good tan color and people look at me and were just on vaction in some tropical remote place! hahahahah jk. I can't wait til I can sit out in the sun with out getting goose bumps :). The weather is getting nicer and nicer everyday...spring has finally poked its head out!! Just in time to show my tan legs in shorts! :) I do recomend tanning to anyone who is willing...Its not to badly priced if you can find the right around to your local tanning salons and see who can offer you what, and pick the one you think is best. Look out tho some salons don't clean as good as they are supposed to so make sure you ask the people to take you on a tour of their salon so you can look at how they clean their beds...If a tanning bed isn't for you, spray tans are always available just ask around :)
happy tanning

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Diet day 2

Going on a diet is harder than expected... poo! Today I had my little shake and some oatmeal for breakfast and was doing good...but then everybody in my office decided "hey lets go to lunch" SOO not wanting to sit the office by myself I went along. I got a salad with ranch (bad idea!) I shoulda just got a sandwhich or something if I ate it with ranch ha! I could just say...its okay one regular meal a day is good for you..execpt I had planned one regular meal to be dinner tonight because its girls night and we are going out for Thai. I don't think Thai is fat free. haha. I couldn't work out at work today because I used my break to go to lunch. oops. But! there is a light at the end of the tunnel..I ate my little protien bar for snack and had an orange and the only thing I am drinking is water (execpt is makes me have to pee like a race horse)...I guess in the beginning being to strict with a diet is why people fail, I am still eating healthy and plan to work out extra tomorrow and only drink water. :) So for day two of a diet I would have to say I am doing alright it is only day two after all!!

happy dieting

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Diet Diet Diet...

I've started a diet! haha :) Reasons...(and no I don't think I am fat)However, I have to get the birth control shot and it makes you gain like 10 pounds before I can that 10 pounds which on a short little girl like me looks like 20 I decided to start the diet to help avoid those 10 pounds...and I just want to eat healthier and exercise and get on a schedule..So I am blogging about it so I have goals and stuff I need to do...and if I blog it gives me a reason to keep going instead of giving up half way through. Soooo here I go, diet day 1!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Julie and Julia blogging

I am watching Julie and Julia right now as we speek...and it makes me want to blog. So I decided to blog today...about nothing in particular. haha I know I have been slaking on my shopping time but lack of funds have gotten in the way of shopping even when great deals come around having no money sorta stops me from buying anything at all. :) I am however in the process of finding a new swimming suit...the perfect one, its taking time and it can't just be anything because I am very very picky when it comes to swimming suits...or any summer clothes for that matter, I hate shorts and tank tops have to be just so and summer dresses...why are they all sooo SHORT?. Summer deffinatly wasn't made for bigger people.Oh well, we will figure it out! :) until then! HAppy shopping...(window shopping that is!)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Fever...

I am sooo getting sick of winter!! I am sick of snow and slush and dark clouds and freezing breath and having to scrape my car off in the morning so I can see out my windows :(. This is what I want...I want to start seeing green grass and tulips and wearing flip flops and wearing sunglasses because the day is beautiful and sunny not because the sun is glaring off the snow. I want to wear light sweaters and sun dresses. I want to start to go camping and getting a beginning of summer tan. Spring fruits and vegetables. GO AWAY WINTER!!!