Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Getting to know me..

1.Name: Kaylee
2.Birthday: Sept. 26th
3.Sign: Libra
4.Favorite food: Spaghetti
5.Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper
6.Favorite color: Purple
7.Favorite song this week:Best Thing I Never Had--Beyonce
8.Favorite outfit: White shorts and blue tank top with my slippers and vest.
9.Hobbies: Writing this blog..facebooking..texting..taking pictures..shopping (ha what a list)
10.Guilty pleasures: cookie dough ice cream on a really bad day.
11.Last dream you remember: Searching all over for somebody but not being able to find them.
12.What comes to mind when i say cabbage: Thinking why this is even a question.
13.Have you ever met a celebrity: Yes, when I was in a local movie :)
14.Favorite (new) blog: College Candy
15.Secret celebrity crush: Katy Perry...
16.Favorite gadget: My iPhone
17.Three things you can't live without: Phone, keys, lotion
18.Favorite harry potter character: Ron Weasley
19.Play any instruments: Does rockband count?
20.Best book you've ever read: Catcher and the Rye
21.Favorite quotation: When you're strong you sparkle.
22.Favorite rainy day activity: Playing in it. ( but I rarely get too)
23.What do you do when you're stressed: Cry.
24.Favorite time of the year: Fall
25.Tattoos: 4
26.Favorite animal: Dogs
27.Crunchy or smooth peanut butter: Smooth and only Skippy.
28.Foreign countries you've visited:
29.Favorite candy: Fun Dip
30.Cake or pie: Pie
31.Favorite holiday: Fourth of July
32.Favorite flower: Sun Flower

Thursday, July 14, 2011

no heat beach waves

I love wavey hair and its so easy and simple to do here's a how to:

Braid damp hair in two loose french braids. Go to sleep. Take braids out in the morning and spray the sea salt mixture in hair and scrunch up. DONE!! So easy and sooo cute!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

knit hats

I didn't feel like doing my hair today and I braided it yesterday so I was a little stuck on something to do this morning while getting ready and then I remembered seeing this girl the other day at the store wearing a knit hat. At first I was like it is summer why would she be wearing a knit hat right now but the more I looked at her (ya I stared for a bit but she didn't notice.) I thought about my knits hats in the back of my closet begging to be worn. Summer or not knit hats are adorable. here's how I did it.