Monday, July 9, 2012

Hair Hair Hair

I have officially moved to doing hair! No more nails!! yay! It is so much fun! I love it. We have learned deep conditioning and scalp treatments :) Its really great! I do believe this week we will learn braids haha I am excited considering I do not know how to do any cool braids. I love doing hair already and I can't freaking wait to get into it further I have a little problem tho... I am so dang short I can't see the top of the clients head even if the chair is all the way down :( I am going to have to get used to heels but dang my feet from standing all day in regular shoes! Oh the price of beauty haha

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beauty Changes Life's

We were shown a video in class last week about how beauty changes life's and it's a contest where you post a video of how beauty changes your life and you win a mentorship with a bunch of people in the intusdry and it got me thinking about how beauty really can change a life... Some of the girls at my school have shared their stories about how they were in bad relationships and or had bad life's and this school helped them realize that they are changing somebodys life everyday by helping them realize that they are beautiful on the outside as much as they are on the inside. I really hope that with me choosing this career I have the opportunity to change life's in so many ways because this is changing my life and I so glad I will Have the chance to help men and woman feel better about themselfs. *so sorry about the format I am posting this from my phone* Xoxo