Thursday, June 30, 2011

More smiles...

.Bright orange shirts and shoes that match.Goodmorning my love text messages.New shades.Country chic body spray and matching lotion.Big chunky rings.Feathers in my hair.Blueberry yogurt.Fourth Weekend.Flashback to the 80's.Office lunches.Ice tea.Ibuprofen.Funny facebook status'.

xoxo smile on

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

sad face.

My face is really sad this week because it is under construction. Sad I know. I got a tooth infection out of the blue this week and suddenly it looks like I'm holding a giant water balloon in my mouth. :( I will post a before and after picture after Monday when the dentist (EEKK) fixes me. Sad face aside, I wanted to post my days smiles...I may be in the worst pain I believe I have ever felt but I can still find things to smile about.

The Sun peaking through the clouds on my way to work. My new puppy playing in my pile of to do laundry and trying to hide from me. The smell of my new shampoo. When traffic flows exactly the way I like it. Getting a good morning text from the most beautiful boy in the world.Wearing every possible bracelet I own. Putting on jeans and HAVING to put a belt on so they don't fall off :). The news saying the high is 90!! My coffee mug filled with fruit tea. Girls night

Just a few little things that made me smile today.

smile on :) :) xoxo

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a few favorite "foods"

Maybe its because I am hungry and I am posting this right before lunch but I decided I wanted to do a few favorite foods!! :)

numba one- Olive Garden salad and bread sticks...who doesn't love this?! Its worth a post.

numba two- Quaker true delights rice chips...they are sooo good and sooo good for you, you wont feel guilty digging into this bag!

numba three- Dr.Pepper. Its the only I am drinking right now. I can't help it, its just toooo good.

numba four- Fried shrimp. YUMM. I love shrimp and anything fried! ha

numba five- Smothered burritos, from anywhere really...I will eat them every time.

numba six- Anything my mom cooks. I love her food.

numba seven- Sushi... it is good and you don't have to like fish to like sushi, there are a ton of non fish items that are just as good. :)

numba eight- dad makes the best! Its comfort food and its soooo amazingly yummy.

numba nine- Spitz dill pickle sunflower seeds, I love sunflower seeds to just munch on at work. And with tons of different flavors they are really good too.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

High School Memories

I have been looking at old pictures recently and starting thinking about all the times in High School..So I compiled a little list of the things I miss and do not

-Not having to worry about any "life" problems like paying a bill
-Thinking it was cool to drive to school. Now it just feels like a burden.
-The great teachers that inspired me everyday and were fun to just chat with.
-The fun classes, like Theatre and Yearbook.
-clubs and activities.
-football, basketball, and all school spirit games.
-The old friends I used to hang out with every single day.
-School dances. I just don't thinking buying a prom dress now would be as accepting.

-Running through the hall so your not late.
-The sound of the bell.
-the mean teachers.
-walking in the snow from outside classes.
-Having NO money ever.
-the mean girls.
-Asking a boy to a dance and being told no.
-I don't miss BAND at all.

-Making real money paychecks
-Buying my first car.
-wearing office clothes.
-no curfews.
-living a real life.
-figuring out who I really am.
-taking sick days with pay.
-having an actual love life.
-spending time with true friends.
-looking back on great memories.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

finshed challenge!

Its now over! I can wear whatever I want haha! This challenge was actually kind of fun to find stuff to make one shirt look like a different one for 7 days but it was difficult as well and I got bored towards the end.

The things that I found helped transform my outfit...
-accessories. Lots of them.
-different jean colors and bottoms (like a skirt or shorts)
-fun jackets and vests
-different hair styles

Day one- I wore the shirt under a suit jacket with dark jeans and white heels, I added a big black chunk ring for fun. This was good first outfit for work and nobody saw what the actual shirt looked like because of the jacket which left possibilities open for the rest of the week.

Day two-A brown vest over the shirt with a big metal necklace (which sorta stained my white shirt by the end of the day so I ended up having to wash before I wanted) I wore my hair pulled up braided and got a ton of compliments on the necklace and hair so people didn't even notice that I was wearing the same shirt.

Day three-The weather was pretty crappy this past week so I couldn't really play with shorts and dress even tho I wanted to pretty bad but I was able to pull out some scarfs from winter and wore the white shirt by itself with a grey scarf and jeans. I think this was my favorite outfit I picked out.

Day four-I wore a leopard print shirt under the white shirt which you could see through and it made it look like a whole new shirt. I put a big headband in my hair and big rings and strapy jewel sandals and it was really cute.

Day five-Again bad weather so I added a bright purple shirt under the white and threw over a quarter sleeve jacket put my hair in a side pony and curled loose strands. I didn't wear any jewelry with this outfit because I wanted it look casual and lax.

Day six-At this point I was getting sick of trying to pair things together and find new stuff so my mom suggested I wear a cute tank top over the shirt. So I found fun purple paisly print summer tank that I cant wear to work unless I have a jacket or over something and it turned out really cute and different.

Day seven-It was the weekend and all I wanted to do was relax so I took a pair of Codys gym shorts found a tank top that matched and the white shirt and pulled my hair into a high messy bun with flip flops and it actually turned out really cute! after that I fell in love with those shorts and wore them the next two days! ha

I don't think I will do this challenge again, It was fun and it made me have to be a little more creative with my outfits and have to "wear the shirt" instead of "the shirt wearing me." But I got sick of it to fast and had to do laundry to much and I couldn't do stuff I wanted to without knowing I would get the shirt dirty faster *like going camping* I also had just gotten a new shirt before I chose to do this challenge and I couldn't figure out how to add it to my outfits cuz it was white as well and differently shaped so I was sad because I couldn't wear it for a whole week. haha But overall I had fun and was challenged.