Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A few "more" favorite things!

I decided to change up my favorite things pictures and put them all in one collage to make my life easier...

1- A summer sent..Nollie Live is at PacSun pretty good priced and it smells so good almost Cologne ish

2-Its finally flip flop season! yay!

3- Big Chunky Bling ful RINGS!! I wear a ring almost everyday..(ha ask Cody I have little collection piling up at his house cuz I accidently leave them there.)

4-The TV show The Game. Yet another series I am addicted too. Dang watch instantly on Netflix.

5- Summer Hats. They are fun and you can find them in any store and wear them with really anything and look adorable.

6-Vests. Love them. I have about 10. They change any simple outfit to something different.


Friday, May 27, 2011


I was reading another blog and they challenged their readers to do a one week one item of clothing challenge.

*Wear one item of clothing for 7 days...make it a simple item nothing dramatic*

I am going to do this and blog about it. I picked just a white shirt that I don't wear often so for 7 days I have to figure out how to wear this shirt so it looks like a different one everyday! I am not going to post pictures until day 7 but so far I am on day 2.

Try this challenge with me? Post pictures on your blog and talk about it! :) Lemme know

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

favorite things (post accident)

I was recently in a car accident and I have come to realize a lot of the best things for me have been stuff I never thought would be on my favorite things list. But in the past two weeks some things I can't get through my day with out.

1- fluffy pillows... I can't even sit in a chair without my back killing me for more than 20 min so a fluffy pillow behind me is a necessary item.2- Heating pad...Man do I LOOVVEE my heating pad! It has helped 100%! Heat for and hour then stretch the muscles...then when they are hurting again more heat. :)

3-McDonald's frozen strawberry lemonade, anybody that has tried this liked it! So I tried it and guess what? Its on this weeks favorite things list...it came out just in time for summer and its reallyyy good!
4-half sleeve jackets...when I went to the hospital after my accident nobody could get my vitals cuz I was wearing a hoodie and I was strapped to a gurney so I couldn't just take it off, but if I was wearing a half sleeve jacket it would have been sooo much easier! (but thats not the only reason for this favorite thing I actually really love half sleeve jackets for spring time and they can be worn with almost any outfit no kidding.)

5- strappy sandals..this as nothing to do with what I was wearing when I got in the accident but I am in love with strappy sandals right now and so is everybody else, they are literally everywhere! And why shouldn't they be? They are cute a good alternative to flipflops for summer!